Studer A800!

We added a Studer A800 24 track analog tape machine! It’s in perfect working order and ready to roll, and we offer free analog tape for use while you are tracking! The Studer A800 is legendary and is known for being the pinnacle of analog sound. This machine came from Bearsville Sound Studios in New York where The Rolling Stones, Patti Smith, Phish, Alice Cooper and so many more made records. Come roll some tape and make a record!

More great press for Sister Cities by Ocular Concern

Sister Cities is one of Allmusic.com’s favorite jazz records of 2014! Earlier this year Sister Cities was an editor’s pick in Downbeat Magazine. I’m so happy to see the continuing good press for this record and it was quite a pleasure making it with these talented people. If you haven’t heard it, check it out!

We renovated our iso room!

Our newly renovated isolation room feels and sounds better! There is significantly more trapping that now covers 100% of the walls and ceiling. We selected wall coverings that retain just a little high end so that the room sounds tight and even and yet still feels alive. The warm colors and the silent ventilation system will keep you comfortable while you sing or play. Come experience it for yourself!